GEODev - GIS Development and Analysis

Nearly every type of business can benefit from geographical analysis and GIS development.

Whether it is deciding the best location to open a new grocery store, or complex fleet and vehicle management, GIS has a solution. One of Digital Egypt’s specialties is creating customized solutions that are tailored to each client.

GIS for Delivery Operations and Fleet tracking / Management

Implementing a companywide GIS infrastructure for delivery and fleet management can tremendously cut down on the daily operating costs. Digital Egypt can create an in house solution for such companies where easy to use software can do complex geographical calculations and analysis. Available functionalities include the generation of turn by turn driving directions, with the ability to load multiple locations from a database or excel sheet.

The GIS powered software can generate optimized route sequences, thereby saving time. Other functionalities can include real time live GPS tracking of all vehicles/trucks and large equipment. Users can create a geographical fence around any area, and be notified when a vehicle enters or leaves the specified boundary.

Geo Fencing

Costly delivery and warehouse operations are easily identified using powerful geo-visual data reports. These solutions can also be available through a mobile application that is only installed on specific company devices.

GIS for Advertising and Marketing

Marketing companies, for example, can perform a demographic analysis, using GIS, to identify areas for average income, age, education level and other factors which aid in intelligent decision making. With Digital Egypt’s Geo Dat service, a fresh set of data is acquired through filed surveying.

A typical case would be the analysis of a large billboard sign’s effectiveness for a particular product or service. By analyzing the average speed of a car at a particular location, the likelihood of a driver or passenger to see the contents can be obtained. The higher the speed of a vehicle will require an ad that has simple content with little text. Otherwise, more content and text can be displayed.

Contact us today and let us show you how GIS can enhance your operations and achieve tangible cost savings.



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