Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(KSA) Data

GIS data in KSA include all administrative boundaries, Geocoded Points and Polygons for residential and landmark buildings, Points of Interest (POI), and a full street network.

Landmarks and POIs GIS data are in Arabic and English Language, and have the full address and contacts, which include 4 phone numbers, web, email and social media links. Every phone number and link is verified quarterly.

Geocoded buildings and landmarks are again bilingual, with full address, and are represented as Polygons and Points. Further, a footprint layer defines the outer edge of a building.

Administrative Boundaries GIS data is bilingual, and include:

  • Country Boundary - حدود الدولة
  • Areas - المناطق
  • Governorates - المحافظات
  • Baladeyat - البلديات
  • District - الأحياء
  • Under District, Villages - أحياء فرعية , قري

GIS data is drafted using Geographical Coordinate System WGS 1984

Data can be delivered in a variety of formats, including ESRI Shapefile, JSON, GeoJSON, MDB, and KML/KMZ.