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Digital Egypt helps businesses reach more clients and engage with them through rich media web and mobile applications. Powered by GIS, applications have a uniforms design and user interface across all platforms and devices.

Typically designed for residential projects, real estate agencies, commercial centers and malls, applications are rich with content and media. GIS fills the WHERE aspect when showcasing an area. Features such as driving directions, facilities nearby, and GPS location are all made available through the power of Geography. Other functionalities that are available on both web and mobile applications area the ability to measure the distance and shape of any line segment or area.

Users are able to share a particular location on any device using simple copy and paste. Web applications also allow users to share specific content on premier social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Mobile applications are currently available on Apple’s iOS devices, and all devices running Google’s Android OS.  A separate version is created for the iPad and Android Tablets that take advantage of the large screens. The web applications are very light weight, and deploy on any web browser using the Adobe Flash Player. Maximum user engagement is achieved through push notifications that connect users with the latest news and happenings.

Web and mobile applications can be used as sales tool for residential developers and real estate agencies. Sales personnel can showcase any content by using just a Smartphone or a Tablet, liberating them from the confines of a desk or office, or carrying large brochures.  GIS powered web browser application and mobile devices apps can be used as an information tools for a large development.

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Virtual Tours and Panoramic Images

One of Digital Egypt’s specialties is creating high resolution panoramic images that put the user in any location using any device.

These panoramas are light weight and very versatile in their usage. Running on either Flash Player or HTML5 for iPhones and iPads, panoramas give users an immersive experience much more than a photograph. Virtual Tours are a great tool for Malls and Commercial Centers to provide users with an engaging experience.


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Digital Egypt were selected by Google as one of the best IT startup in Egypt twice in the Start with Google contest.
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