What is GIS?

What is GIS

GIS, an abbreviation for Geographic Information Systems, is simple put information on a map. Widely considered to be the most powerful way of information presentation, GIS adds the WHERE factor in any equation. GIS systems serve a wide variety of people and institutions and can have a big impact on the lives of ordinary people. Whether it is finding a house to buy in a nice neighborhood, or searching for a job nearby, GIS is an instrumental tool in informed decision making.

In today’s world, almost everybody uses GIS in many ways. Many of the applications that we use on our Smartphones track our location to bring us relevant content. Some of the most widely used applications such as Yelp, Foursquare and other display all available information on a map. This location information also allows users to have access to other critical tools such as the generation of turn by turn driving directions.

Large corporations consistently use GIS as an indispensable tool for their operations. Geo marketing, for example allows the targeting a particular set of audience for a particular advertisement. For example, an ad that is targeted towards students needs to be places in locations around schools. GIS Routing allows businesses with complicated delivery and shipping operations to streamline the daily activity process. GIS can inform of the best driving directions to service multiple locations for a particular time of day. This time factor is achieved by using historical and current traffic data to optimize directions.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can and should use GIS for one of the most critical decisions to be taken. Where to locate the new businesses. Using a set of calculations, GIS is the only tool that can use mathematics and science to give the best answer using the density factor. For example, a particular area of 0.5 Square Kilometers, with a population of 45,000 people is served by only two grocery stores. A new grocery store here would be much more desirable than another location with a population of 23,000 people and is served by 7 grocery stores.

The use of GIS is forecasted to increase even more in the near future. As a company devoted 100% to GIS and Maps, Digital Egypt will always strive to impact people’s lives in a positive way using Geography. God Bless Egypt.


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